gar0005 PROF. EQUIPMENT: BRONCOLOR background projector

BRONCOLOR background projector.
It used to work on a 263 or a 404 pack. And for any format from 6×6 up to 8×10″

Now, it is probably the three lenses or the semi-transparent mirror which are the most interesting. They could be used for other purposes (process lenses?) as well.

Open for any serious offer.
Please get in touch for this one with

Please notice the other item the background projection screen

P.S> I can’t find more about the history of this old ‘pre-digital’ thing, it worked pretty well. Here is a photo montage I took for the BANARAS-project (one Sunday-morning in my studio with late Wilas Bhendé)

BANARAS, city of Gods, Heart of India

an image of Lord GANESH, made from clay from the river GANGES at Banaras in India


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