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AUC0002 – ART for SALE: ‘Rose on Stone’- Robert SCHILDER’

ART Photography for SALE: ‘Rose on Stone’- by Robert SCHILDER’
Rose on Stone, Robert Schilder
DESCRIPTION: archival print, selenium toned on double weight mat paper, of a rose surrounded by rocks and water
d   1989
i   size: 4×5″
condition: perfect
signed: yes, own printing; could be signed with an attribution, f.i. ‘für Elise’ or what the name of your love one is.
$   150.00
PROVENANCE: from photographer’s archive
cv Robert Schilder

CONTACT for sale and more information
buy via ETSY or use Paypal

#   the costs of sending depend on the way of transport and destination. You pay what is on the package, not more

    tags: rose, stone, water, vintage, black-and-white, fuer Elise, attribution, archival printing, selenium toner, art, photography, robert schilder
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pfs0049 – ‘Book concept -studio photography’

book concept -studio photography
DESCRIPTION: as used in ‘ -Improving visual skills, an online course in collaboration with students from all over the world
analoge / digitally enhanced photograph:
An impression of a book. Studio photography. Overall color is blue

size: 21,3 Mb
dim: H x W = 4827×3496 px.
file: .jpg grade 12

Digital file of this photograph is for sale at:

©: Robert Schilder 2022
tags: book, concept, spine, blue, studio photography, moody, pfs0049

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pfs0725 PERU – ‘Life in Pisco’

DESCRIPTION: digital photograph ‘Life in Pisco, Peru’
Part of a larger project PERU – triptych: ‘Declared Saint’
Please visit to learn more about this exciting art project.

PERU -Living in Pisco
Prints from this photograph are available at: SAATCHIART.COM

C-type on Paper.
Ships in a tube

©: Robert Schilder
tags: art project, Peru, culture, Pisco, street, woman, indigenous, native, color, photography, digital, social, pfs0725, #robertphotforsale

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pfs0781 PERU – triptych: ‘declared saint’ -art photography

Peru - art photography - triprych - part of center piece

PERU – triptych titled: ‘declared saint’ -art photography: 3 framed photographs and 3 large fabrics together are for sale.

a triptych on PERU consisting of 2 parts:
A: 3 small frames (approx. 20×25 cm. each) with images (photographs) and objects (from religious and tourism sources) mounted together as 3-dimensional art objects.
PERU triptych part a - 3 small frames

B: 3 large works printed on semi-transparent synthetic fabric of 200x150cm.
 exhibition in Middelburg monastery square of 3 large fabrics
Middelburg monastery square
detail of printed fabric
PERU triptych - art for sale
PERU triptych - art for sale

The subjects of the triptych are:
1. belief and superstition, the exploiting of the mummies (the past), tourism as a pillar of culture.
PERU triptich - art for sale

2. about life, surviving and dying.
PERU triptych - art for sale
Prints of the larger (right) image ‘Life in Pisco – Peru’ are also available from

3. the reprehensible role of the Inquisition and about the Nasca-lines (straight miles-long lines in the desert from unknown origin)
PERU triptych - art for sale
click for larger image

  Digital files are available upon request, please inquire   HERE

Originals (3 frames and 3 large fabrics together) are also for sale at SAATCHI ART US$ 575.00 (free shipping).
various materials: digital high quality prints, frames, printed large fabrics. Ships in a small box (5 lbs)

Contact for any questions you may have.

expo Zeeuwse Kunstkring -Haagse Kunstkring
expo in Watertower Oostburg (ZVl – NL)
– Loggias, Middelburg
– Moerzeke (Belgium) 2012 “to Encounter, Man & Time”

tags: #robertphotforsale, art project, Peru, triptych, declared saint, multimedia, religion, belief, superstition, inquisition, colour, death, history, culture, Spanish, church, indigenous, catholic, Lima, Zeeuwse Kunstkring, Haagse Kunstkring, pfs0781
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pfs0306 SAIL2014 -Noah’s Ark Rock

Genesis 1:1-3 “And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep.
And the Spirit of God is hovering over the face of the waters.”

Genesis 1:1-3
click for larger image

pfs306 SAIL2014 -‘Noah’s Ark Rock’
description: Part of a larger project ‘WATER’.
Please visit Water-artproject to learn more about this exciting art project.

location: Noah’s Ark rock, seen from Boulders Beach, Simonstown, Capetown, South Africa
Latitude: -34°11’31.99″ Longitude: 18°27’13.75″

digital file size: 4672×3104, 41,5 Mb,
–  Digital file available upon request, please inquire   HERE

Original & Prints are available at SAATCHI ART
C-type on Paper. Ships in a tube

©: Robert Schilder

tags: #robertphotforsale, artproject, water, river, art, seascape, ocean, Water, concept, Boulders Beach, Simonstown, Capetown, South Africa, Ark rock, Noah’s Ark Rock, Genesis 1:1-3