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GAR0245 MANUAL -‘Modern Carbon Printing’ -Louis NADEAU

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'Modern Carbon Printing' -Louis NADEAU
Now that his History and Practice of Carbon Processes (1982 ), is out of print, Luis Nadeau has completely revised and expanded the sections of his first book that related to monochrome carbon transfer processes, to create ‘Modern Carbon Printing’. This new book is the most thorough guide available on the subject. Particular emphasis has been placed on the manufacture of homemade materials, especially in regard to the selection of suitable permanent pigments, emulsion making (dispersions), and coating methods. Step-by-step instructions guide the worker through the production of what has been described as the most beautiful and most permanent of photographic processes: printing in carbon and carbro. Artistic media par excellence, these processes have been preferred for many years by photographers who want the ultimate in terms of photographic reproduction.

The Author:
Having over 12 years of full-time experience and research in the field of conservation of photographic materials, Luis Nadeau has been consulted by many well-known museums, archives, manufacturers, collectors, and photographers, in Europe and North America. His previous works, History and Practice of Carbon Processes (1982) History and Practice of Platinum Printing (1984), and History and Practice of Oil and Bromoil Printing (1985) are now used as textual and reference manuals by more than 50 American universities and other institutions in at least 30 countries. The author owns and operates the only FRESSON lab outside France and was the first to commercially produce permanent tricolor carbon prints for well-known photographers and institutions.

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