pfs10163 TURKEYE – ANI-excavations -King Gagik´s church’



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King Gagik´s church
pfs10163 TURKEYE: ‘ANI’ excavation site -“King Gagik´s church”

Also known as the Gagikashen, this church was constructed between the years 1001 and 1010 and intended to be a recreation of the celebrated cathedral of Zvartnots at Vagharshapat. Nikolai Marr uncovered the foundations of this remarkable building in 1905 and 1906. Before that, all that was visible on the site was a huge earthen mound. The designer of the church was the architect Trdat. The church is known to have collapsed three years after its construction due to an earthquake and was never rebuilt. Only some houses were later constructed on top of its ruins.
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pfs10163 TURKEYE – ANI-excavations -King Gagik´s church’

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