pfs10090 TURKEYE – ANI-excavations – ‘Minuchihr Mosque’



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TURKEYE: ANI excavation site -Minuchihr Mosque
pfs10090 TURKEYE: ‘ANI’ excavation site -“Minuchihr Mosque”

Minuchihr Mosque is situated nearby to Church of St Gregory, and close to the Cathedral of Ani.

“This mosque, built at the very edge of the ravine overlooking the Akhurian River or Arpa Çay, is said to have been founded by the emir Minuchihr. He was the first of the Shaddadid dynasty that ruled Ani from around the year 1072 onwards. However, the actual construction date and origin of this building is still subject to much argument – arguments based more on competing for nationalistic claims of Armenia and Turkey than on any hard architectural or archaeological evidence. ”
Extensive article:

‘Open Wounds: Armenians, Turks and a Century of Genocide’, by Vicken Cheterian
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pfs10090 TURKEYE – ANI-excavations – ‘Minuchihr Mosque’

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