pfs10024 TURKEYE – ANI-excavations – ‘ Kars gate’



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TURKEYE, ANI excavation site, Kars gate
pfs10024 TURKEYE: ‘ANI’ excavation site -‘Kars gate’

Ani, capital of melancholia
“When approaching Ani one is left with an impression of its magnificent architecture, but there is also something very melancholy about the place. The city is surrounded by walls with round rose-coloured towers built of tuff and punctured with the marks of thousands of arrows. The city itself is built on a triangular site where two rivers have carved deep ravines into the landscape from the east and the south the Ahuryan River ravines and from the west, the smaller river Tsaghkots flows across a gorge where hundreds of caves served as dwellings for the poorer classes of the past.”Open Wounds: Armenians, Turks and a Century of Genocide. By Vicken Cheterian
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pfs10024 TURKEYE – ANI-excavations – ‘ Kars gate’

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