pfs10020 TURKEYE – ANI-excavations – Tatarcık Creek, rock carving structures’



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Turkeye, ANI excavation site, 'Tatarcık Creek, rock carving structures' data-recalc-dims=
pfs10020 TURKEY: ‘ANI’ excavation site -“Tatarcık Creek, rock carving structures”
“The caves which are located at the Bostanlar Stream were carved into the volcanic tuff layers and indicate settlements here at the bronze age. There are remarkable birdhouses, storage caves and animal shelters. There is also a cave church which is believed to have been carved, in a rocky area with incredible columns and cradle vaults, around the 9th or beginning of the 10th century. The Akhurian River running between Turkey and Armenia constitutes a natural border between the two countries. ”

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“Turkey, Armenia to sign peace agreement October 10, 2009 –
ISTANBUL, Turkey (CNN) — The governments of Armenia and Turkey will sign a peace agreement in Zurich on Saturday that would normalize relations after nearly a century of animosity between the neighbouring nations, the Swiss government said Friday.
The Swiss-mediated peace deal would also open the border between the countries, which has been shut since 1993. The border was closed after Turkey objected to Armenia’s war with Turkish ally Azerbaijan over the disputed territory of Nagorno-Karabagh. Neither country has an embassy in the other’s capital.
Turkish-Armenian relations have often been overshadowed by the dispute over the massacre of ethnic Armenians in the final days of the Ottoman Empire, more than 90 years ago. Armenians accuse Ottoman Turks of committing genocide, killing more than a million Armenians starting in 1915. Modern-day Turkey vehemently rejects the allegations.”


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pfs10020 TURKEYE – ANI-excavations – Tatarcık Creek, rock carving structures’

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