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Original Title: ‘Design Beyond Design: Critical Reflection and the Practice of Visual Communication’
ISBN 906617224X (ISBN13: 9789066172241)

Critical reflection and the practice of visual communication
People’s Communication Charter.
Viewer’s Declaration of Independence.
editor, Jan van Toorn ; [preface, Marianne Brouwer; contributors, Dawn Barrett, and others].

Based on a symposium held at one of the Netherlands’ premier graduate academies this collection of essays investigates the influence of design on society and communication. Revolutionary in tone, Jan van Toorn’s introduction calls for alternative approaches to communication design with a rigorous emphasis on democracy and increased public awareness. There follows 19 essays and discussions by guest speakers (such as Susan Sellers, Alex Jordan, Els Kuijpers, and Lorriane Wild) illustrated by relevant and highly political images from Mondrian to Alvarez Bravo to French and American activist posters.

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