gar0195 BOOKS: Carleton WATKINS, ‘the Art of Perception’

Carleton Watkins, 'the Art of Perception'
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?:   Carleton WATKINS, ‘the Art of Perception’

dd: 1999

i:   San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, catalogue of the exhibition, 1999

105 tritone and 20 duotone photographs, 4 gatefolds, -superb printing!-
228 pages,
ISBN: 0-918471-51-6

Abrams Books, 1999
Douglas R.Nickel

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Victorian landscape photographer Carleton Watkins (1829-1916) described his lifelong project in simple terms: to find “the best spot with the best view.” However, this self-trained but precocious man, who seemed to delight in giving away much of the work he produced, is now considered one of the most gifted American photographers of the 19th century. Perhaps best known for his pictures of the then newly discovered scenic wonder Yosemite, Watkins made thousands of remarkable, sophisticated, and historically important images that provide an unparalleled visual record of the western United States.
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