gar0086 BOOKS: Sam HASKINS ‘Five Girls’

BOOKS: Sam HASKINS 'Five Girls'
BOOKS: Sam HASKINS 'Five Girls'
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gar0086 BOOKS: Sam HASKINS ‘Five Girls’
A classic photography book which was already famous at the time it was published! Sam HASKINS was famous for his style of photographing (nude) woman in a very playful and normal way. Setting the tone for a whole new approach to styled b/w imaging.
?:   ISBN 10: 0552081213 ISBN 13: 9780552081214
Used First Edition Softcover

dd: 1969

Paperback: 144 pages
Publisher: Corgi; New Ed edition (1969)
Language: English
Package Dimensions: 10.7 x 8 x 0.5 inches
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gar0195 BOOKS: Carleton WATKINS, ‘the Art of Perception’

Carleton Watkins, 'the Art of Perception'
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?:   Carleton WATKINS, ‘the Art of Perception’

dd: 1999

i:   San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, catalogue of the exhibition, 1999

105 tritone and 20 duotone photographs, 4 gatefolds, -superb printing!-
228 pages,
ISBN: 0-918471-51-6

Abrams Books, 1999
Douglas R.Nickel

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Victorian landscape photographer Carleton Watkins (1829-1916) described his lifelong project in simple terms: to find “the best spot with the best view.” However, this self-trained but precocious man, who seemed to delight in giving away much of the work he produced, is now considered one of the most gifted American photographers of the 19th century. Perhaps best known for his pictures of the then newly discovered scenic wonder Yosemite, Watkins made thousands of remarkable, sophisticated, and historically important images that provide an unparalleled visual record of the western United States.
read more: A.C. Smith

gar0178 BOOKS: ” Treasures of the Royal Photographic Society”

title: “Treasures of the Royal Photographic Society”

Treasures of the Royal Photographic Society 1984

date: 1984
size: 23×17,5cm.
condition: mint
24 pages
published by the British Council

€ 9,95

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“The British Council is extremely grateful to the Royal Photographic Society of Great Britain for making the generous loan of this selection of photographs from its premises in Bath. In assembling this exhibition for an extended tour in Yugoslavia and Hungary, we have received the greatest possible help from Lord Christopher Brain, General Manager of the RPS, Professor Margaret Harker, the Honorary Curator and Pamela Roberts, the Collection Librarian, who has dealt with the practical details of assembling the exhibition and our frequent enquiries with endless patience.
This exhibition is, with only a small number of changes, essentially the same as that organised and circulated by the International Exhibitions Foundation in Washington in 1980. The few additions we have made have been specifically chosen with the Yugoslav and Hungarian audience in mind. We are greatly indebted to the Foundation for allowing us to re-use the Introduction written for the first exhibition by Sir Tom Hopkinson.
Sir Tom, who made the original selection of photographs, has himself most kindly modified this introduction to take into account the few changes we have made for the present show.
This collection of photographs owned by the Royal Photographic Society is one of the most important in the world. It is however surprisingly little known even in England and we are therefore particularly pleased to have this opportunity of showing a sample of these riches in Yugoslavia and Hungary at a time when the history of photography–whose roots run deep in this country -is enjoying worldwide popularity and acclaim.”

© The British Council 1984 Catalogue designed by Andrew Barron Typesetting by Studio 918. Printed by Expression Printers Limited ISBN O 86355 028 2
Illustrated on cover 94. JOHN B WELLINGTON ‘Cooling Moments’ (or ‘Refreshing Moments’), 1915

gar0230 BOOKS: Paolo Gioli fotografie, dipinti, grafica, film

fotografie, dipinti, grafica, film
a cura di Roberta Valtorta

Questo volume é stato realizzato in occasione della mostra dedicata all’opera di Paolo Gioli organizzata dal Palazzo delle Esposizioni di Roma. 17 gennaio – 28 febbraio 1996
Edition : Art&
229 p. ; ill. en noir et en coul. ; 31 cm
texte: italien

PAOLO GIOLI fotografie, dipinti, grafica, film

date: 1996
size: 31×25 cm.
condition: nearly mint
signed: no

ISBN: 8886550189 | 88-86550-18-9

€ 195,00

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provenance: This rare and important book was published on the occasion of his exhibition in the Palazzo Delle Esposizioni in Rome in 1996.

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gar0106 BOOKS: Nubar ALEXANIAN ‘Stones in the Road’

“Stones in the Road is a poetic and intimate vision of the Andean culture and people of Peru. From 1978 to 1989. Nubar Alexanian photographed the Andean people, from their mountain villages to the shanty-towns of Lima.”
the publisher.

“I believe we, reportage photographers of the human condition, have a moral duty to get as close as we can to the people we photograph and to draw attention to all the dignity in the world, as Nubar Alexanian has managed to do so well in this book. It gave me immense pleasure to see my Latin-American people portrayed with so much tenderness”
Sebastiáo Salgado

Nubar ALEXANIAN 'Stones in the Road'

Stones in the Road – Photographs of Peru
Alexanian , Nubar

Published by Cornerhouse Publications, Manchester, England (1991)
design by Ronn Campisi
ISBN 10: 0948797479 ⁄ISBN 13: 9780948797477

Hardcover : 112 pages
Language: English
Used / Hardcover

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gar0107 BOEKEN: CONSTANT, ‘New Babylon. Aan ons de vrijheid’

Het boek ‘New Babylon. Aan ons de vrijheid’ is verschenen bij de grote overzichtstentoonstelling van Constant in het Gemeentemuseum Den Haag (28 mei tot en met 25 september 2016).

CONSTANT, 'New Babylon. Aan ons de vrijheid'

Schrijver: Constant, Laura Stamps, Willemijn Stokvis, Rem Koolhaas
Titel: Constant, New Babylon. Aan ons de vrijheid
Uitgever: Kannibaal, 2016
Bijzonderheden: 29,2 x 24,5 cm, 240 bladzijden, Hardcover, Quadrichromie.
Nederlandse tekst.
ISBN 9789492081582.

Prijs: € 25,00 conditie: als nieuw

Verzendkosten:€ 6,75 (binnen Nederland)

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meer informatie over het boek: NAI boekverkopers

gar0223 BOOKS: ‘the Bauhaus in Calcutta’

‘the Bauhaus in Calcutta’
An Encounter of the Cosmopolitan Avant-Garde

book the Bauhaus in Calcutta
The Bauhaus exhibition in Calcutta in 1922 was a unique experience in the international art scene — a meeting of artistic and intellectual affinities. On a search for renewal after World War I, Western modernism encountered its Indian counterpart, which had emancipated itself from colonial constraints.

Editor: Regina Bittner, Kathrin Rhomberg
Publisher: Hatje Cantz
Year: 2013
Cover: Softcover
Language: English
ISBN 978-3-7757-3657-2
Illustrations: with 132 ills
Contributors: Torsten Blume, Sria Chatterjee
Type of book: Exhib’publication
Museum / Place: Bauhaus Dessau

€:   17,50

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gar138 BOOKS: ‘Photographers Photographed, Bill Jay’

photography book, 'Photographers Photographed, Bill Jay'

\238 Photographers Photographed, Bill Jay
‡: Garage sale, 2nd hand, as new, collector’s item,
?: intro Helmut Gernsheim, Gibbs M.Smith. Inc., photography book, “What did all these famous people look in the ’70s?”
dd: 1983
i: (English) 82p, sb, b/w, 20,5x24cm.)
ISBN 10: 0879051469 ISBN 13: 9780879051464
Publisher: Peregrine Smith Books, 1983
€: 25.50
$: equivalent
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gar195 BOOKS: Carleton Watkins ‘the Art of Perception’

Carleton Watkins, the Art of Perception
Charleton Watkins 'the Art of Perception'
Douglas R.Nickel Abrams Books, 1999
San Francisco Museum of Modern Art,

Carleton Watkins (1829-1916) travelled from New York State to California as a young man alongside his slightly older family friend Collis Huntington. After some time in the West, Watkins took up a temporary position in a daguerreotypy studio and from that moment had found his calling… he would be a photographer.

Watkins had a mammoth camera made by a cabinetmaker to take 18×22″ glass negatives and headed on the long and arduous trek to Yosemite where he produced mammoth plate photographs that were received with some acclaim. Although, the best of these Yosemite photographs were produced in the 1860s, while in his 30s as a more accomplished expert in the field. He went on to record much of the development of the West Coast including the gold rush and the ever-expanding railroads.”
book review:

catalogue of the exhibition, 1999
105 tritone and 20 duotone photographs, 4 gatefolds, 228 pages,
ISBN: 0810941023

buy DIRECT € 17,50

Carleton Watkins
self portrait via Wikimedia commons

gar085:  6 years of famous Swiss CAMERA magazine edited by Allan Porter

– Receive 6 years of famous Swiss CAMERA magazine edited by Allan Porter, that is 72 magazines professionally bound per year, plus receive 5 additional magazines as a bonus.

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CAMERA- Swiss magazine on Art Photography and Cinematography

amongst many, many items, topics in these editions include:

“A Record of Our Lives” by Alan Porter
1976 t/m 1981 years 55 t/m 60

aug 1974
b/w orientation

sep 1975
nudes: “the Arms of Venus”

oct 1975
interview: Imogen Cunningham by Pau Hill and Tom Cooper

Karl Blossfeldt
Josef Sudek monograph
‘Aesthetics and criteria for photographic evaluation’
Coup d’oeil Americain Henri Cartier Bresson
interview: Beaumont Newhall
‘Sun pictures’ the work of W.H. Fox Talbot
interview: Laura Gilpin
Photography and Americain history

interview: Minor White
interview: Sir Cecil Beaton
Jean Claude Gautrand
interview: Manuel Alvarez Bravo
Heinrich Kuehn -with letters to Kuehn from Alfred Stieglitz
interview: Brett Weston
Joel Meyerowitz
Lisette Model ‘a Camera Monograph”
Berenice Abbott about Lisette Model

interview: Eliot Porter
Eugène Atget
darkroom: Ralph Gibson
interview: George Krause
interview: Eugène Smith
25 photographs by Albert Ranger Patsch
an issue about Auto Portraits
Gisèle Freund

interview: Eliot Porter by Paul Hill and Tom Cooper
Jean Dieuzaide
Eugène Atget
darkroom: Elaine Mayes
‘the Camera handbook of antiquated techniques used by contemporary photographers
darkroom: George Tice
Lewis Baltz
Ralph Gibson
Julia Margaret Cameron
Associated Press -The Electronic Darkroom
Josef Koudelka
interview with the collector: Arnold H. Crane
“Camera Eye” the exhibition
interview: André Kertész
interview: Merl Deardorff

Jane Tuckerman
darkroom: Eikoh Hosoe
interview: Mark Cohen
darkroom: Larry Clarke
darkroom: Duane Michals
interview: Robert Doisneau

Reinhart Wolff
August Sander
Foundation für Photographie Switzerland
William Klein
Olivia Parker
darkroom: W. Eugène Smith

– about Allan Porter & CAMERA:
A special documentary on the legendary photo journal CAMERA and its last editor-in-chief ALLAN PORTER who took the magazine to new heights.
“This [Camera] developed into his “museum without walls” and became Europe’s first exhibition platform for artistic photography after 1945”.

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