pfs0997 BANARAS ‘City of God, Heart of India’

Banaas, city of Gods, Heart of India

“Where the Ganges makes a broad sweep to the North, there lies Banaras, the city which all Hindu´s consider the holiest of holy cities in India. In a tradition which goes further than our western civilisation, the people here live amongst thousands of temples and the ´ghats´, the steps which go down to the river, a feature which has made the city a famous landmark. Bathing in the Ganges, the river that they believe was transported from heaven to earth, is the first deed of the newly arrived pilgrims and the daily ritual of the inhabitants. Banaras is also the last destination of many old and sick people who come to the city to die. For them, cremation and the strewing of their ashes in the river mean the liberation ´muksha´ of their souls from the vicious circle of reincarnation. To live here has become the goal of life for many and this makes the daily rhythm of the city one of resignation and serene stillness, but there is also an atmosphere of the famous savoir-vivre and tolerance, different to other cities in India”.

ISBN 90-6831-956-6 BENARES “Stad van Goden Hart van India”
ISBN 81-7010-302-9 BANARAS “Visions of a Living ancient Tradition”

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