pfs0143: “Doorway Beijing, China”

Doorway to a domestic complex in the centre of Beijing, China

domestic door Beijing, China

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pfs146 CHINA: ‘Private chamber in the Forbidden City in Beijing’

Private chamber in the Forbidden City in Beijing, China. The decorations and sculptures give these rooms an exceptional atmosphere.

“The incomparable palace occupies an area of 720,000 square meters (177.9 acres) and has approximately 8,700 rooms. A high red wall with a total length of 3,400 meters (3,718 yards) encases the palace. There are four gates in each side, with Meridian Gate (Wu Men) as the main entrance. Four exquisite watchtowers sit at the corners of the wall. With roofs covered with golden glazed tile, red-painted walls and grey-white bases, the rectangular palace appears extremely luxurious and grand. Spectacular halls in it are neatly arranged in bilateral symmetry along a central axis that conforms to the axis of Beijing City.”

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