gar0178 BOOKS: ” Treasures of the Royal Photographic Society”

title: “Treasures of the Royal Photographic Society”

Treasures of the Royal Photographic Society 1984

date: 1984
size: 23×17,5cm.
condition: mint
24 pages
published by the British Council

€ 9,95

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“The British Council is extremely grateful to the Royal Photographic Society of Great Britain for making the generous loan of this selection of photographs from its premises in Bath. In assembling this exhibition for an extended tour in Yugoslavia and Hungary, we have received the greatest possible help from Lord Christopher Brain, General Manager of the RPS, Professor Margaret Harker, the Honorary Curator and Pamela Roberts, the Collection Librarian, who has dealt with the practical details of assembling the exhibition and our frequent enquiries with endless patience.
This exhibition is, with only a small number of changes, essentially the same as that organised and circulated by the International Exhibitions Foundation in Washington in 1980. The few additions we have made have been specifically chosen with the Yugoslav and Hungarian audience in mind. We are greatly indebted to the Foundation for allowing us to re-use the Introduction written for the first exhibition by Sir Tom Hopkinson.
Sir Tom, who made the original selection of photographs, has himself most kindly modified this introduction to take into account the few changes we have made for the present show.
This collection of photographs owned by the Royal Photographic Society is one of the most important in the world. It is however surprisingly little known even in England and we are therefore particularly pleased to have this opportunity of showing a sample of these riches in Yugoslavia and Hungary at a time when the history of photography–whose roots run deep in this country -is enjoying worldwide popularity and acclaim.”

© The British Council 1984 Catalogue designed by Andrew Barron Typesetting by Studio 918. Printed by Expression Printers Limited ISBN O 86355 028 2
Illustrated on cover 94. JOHN B WELLINGTON ‘Cooling Moments’ (or ‘Refreshing Moments’), 1915

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