Digital files, prints, books and collectables from the archive of Robert Schilder (prof. photography collector and exhibition organiser).
Items are exclusively for sale via Jay Autar (jay@photography-for-sale.com) and commercial auction websites.
-this website is under permanent construction-

Most digital stock photographs are available for a flat fee of US$ 10.00. This includes a ONE time publication of your choice.
Some files are from my portfolio; they can be purchased via www.saatchiart.com

Some files are also available via Dreamstime.com. They tend to be smaller, but may be cheaper -depending on what you need.

You can pay via Paypal. (paypal.me/RobertSchilder)
When Paypal is an obstacle, I guess you could mail me 10 dollars ..

  You will receive a confirmation/invoice by e-mail.

Please search the keywords for more files from the same location. The files are not all in a sequence since some locations are visited more than once.