gar119 BOOK: ‘Banaras, visions of a living ancient tradition’

book on the sacred city of Benares (Varanasi) in India, photographs by Robert Schilder, text by Prof. Winand M. Callewaert
Hemkunt, 2001
photography book

Banaras, city of Gods, heart of India

“Where the Ganges makes a broad sweep to the North, there lies Banaras, the city which all Hindu´s consider the holiest of holy cities in India. In a tradition which goes further than our western civilisation, the people here live amongst thousands of temples and the ‘ghats’, the steps which go down to the river, a feature which has made the city a famous landmark. Bathing in the Ganges, the river that they believe was transported from heaven to earth, is the first deed of the newly arrived pilgrims and the daily ritual of the inhabitants. Banaras is also the last destination of many old and sick people who come to the city to die. For them, cremation and the strewing of their ashes in the river mean the liberation ´muksha´ of their souls from the vicious circle of reincarnation. To live here has become the goal of life for many and this makes the daily rhythm of the city one of resignation and serene stillness, but there is also an atmosphere of the famous savoir-vivre and tolerance, different to other cities in India.”.

(english) 128 pages, hc, fc, 23×27,5cm.,
ISBN 8170103029

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‘BANARAS -city of gods, heart of India’, Schilder & Callewaert

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New Vishwanath Temple, Banaras Hindu University
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gar195 BOOKS: Carleton Watkins ‘the Art of Perception’

Carleton Watkins, the Art of Perception
Charleton Watkins 'the Art of Perception'
Douglas R.Nickel Abrams Books, 1999
San Francisco Museum of Modern Art,

Carleton Watkins (1829-1916) travelled from New York State to California as a young man alongside his slightly older family friend Collis Huntington. After some time in the West, Watkins took up a temporary position in a daguerreotypy studio and from that moment had found his calling… he would be a photographer.

Watkins had a mammoth camera made by a cabinetmaker to take 18×22″ glass negatives and headed on the long and arduous trek to Yosemite where he produced mammoth plate photographs that were received with some acclaim. Although, the best of these Yosemite photographs were produced in the 1860s, while in his 30s as a more accomplished expert in the field. He went on to record much of the development of the West Coast including the gold rush and the ever-expanding railroads.”
book review:

catalogue of the exhibition, 1999
105 tritone and 20 duotone photographs, 4 gatefolds, 228 pages,
ISBN: 0810941023

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Carleton Watkins
self portrait via Wikimedia commons

gar085:  6 years of famous Swiss CAMERA magazine edited by Allan Porter

– Receive 6 years of famous Swiss CAMERA magazine edited by Allan Porter, that is 72 magazines professionally bound per year, plus receive 5 additional magazines as a bonus.

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CAMERA- Swiss magazine on Art Photography and Cinematography

amongst many, many items, topics in these editions include:

“A Record of Our Lives” by Alan Porter
1976 t/m 1981 years 55 t/m 60

aug 1974
b/w orientation

sep 1975
nudes: “the Arms of Venus”

oct 1975
interview: Imogen Cunningham by Pau Hill and Tom Cooper

Karl Blossfeldt
Josef Sudek monograph
‘Aesthetics and criteria for photographic evaluation’
Coup d’oeil Americain Henri Cartier Bresson
interview: Beaumont Newhall
‘Sun pictures’ the work of W.H. Fox Talbot
interview: Laura Gilpin
Photography and Americain history

interview: Minor White
interview: Sir Cecil Beaton
Jean Claude Gautrand
interview: Manuel Alvarez Bravo
Heinrich Kuehn -with letters to Kuehn from Alfred Stieglitz
interview: Brett Weston
Joel Meyerowitz
Lisette Model ‘a Camera Monograph”
Berenice Abbott about Lisette Model

interview: Eliot Porter
Eugène Atget
darkroom: Ralph Gibson
interview: George Krause
interview: Eugène Smith
25 photographs by Albert Ranger Patsch
an issue about Auto Portraits
Gisèle Freund

interview: Eliot Porter by Paul Hill and Tom Cooper
Jean Dieuzaide
Eugène Atget
darkroom: Elaine Mayes
‘the Camera handbook of antiquated techniques used by contemporary photographers
darkroom: George Tice
Lewis Baltz
Ralph Gibson
Julia Margaret Cameron
Associated Press -The Electronic Darkroom
Josef Koudelka
interview with the collector: Arnold H. Crane
“Camera Eye” the exhibition
interview: André Kertész
interview: Merl Deardorff

Jane Tuckerman
darkroom: Eikoh Hosoe
interview: Mark Cohen
darkroom: Larry Clarke
darkroom: Duane Michals
interview: Robert Doisneau

Reinhart Wolff
August Sander
Foundation für Photographie Switzerland
William Klein
Olivia Parker
darkroom: W. Eugène Smith

– about Allan Porter & CAMERA:
A special documentary on the legendary photo journal CAMERA and its last editor-in-chief ALLAN PORTER who took the magazine to new heights.
“This [Camera] developed into his “museum without walls” and became Europe’s first exhibition platform for artistic photography after 1945”.

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gar206 BOOKS: “Nederlands Ontwerp / Dutch Design 1998 / 1999”

A compendium of the members of Dutch Design Organisation BNO
Nederlands Ontwerp / Dutch Design 1998 / 1999

Nederlands Ontwerp / Dutch Design 1998 / 1999

Famous Dutch design yearbook, Includes CD-rom (Apple & PC)
(nederlands & english), 664 pages, fc, hc, 24×32,5 cm.,
Gewicht ca. 1550 g
Amsterdam : BIS Publishers, 1998. 664 S. + 1 CD-ROM cover light tear and wear, sonst gutes Exemplar. – Text in engl. and Dutch.

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01-Design – 2D3D – 2D-sign – 5D – A10 + – aap-ontwerpers – Aestron Design bv – Alatis Patent – Anker x Strijbos – AVM – Ellen Bakker, Grafisch ontwerp – ontwerpbureau Rem Bakkes – Maarten Balyon, grafische vormgeving bv – Barlock – Theo Barten – Basislijn – Studio Bassa – Studio Bauman – Bureau Beekvisser – Beelenkamp Ontwerpers – BE/O grafisch ontwerpers – Joop Berkhout Grafische Ontwerpen – Beukers Scholma – BHM LaVerbe – Birza Design – Büro Petrvan Blokland + Claudia Mens – Studio Jan de Boer – Studio Boot – Bos&Co. – Ben Bos AGI – Brandes en Meurs – BrandNew Design – Ad Broeders Grafische Vormgeving bv – BRS Premsela Vonk bv – Bas de Bruin grafisch ontwerp – BTM/Bataafsche Teeken Maatschappij – Vincent Bus – BW H ontwerpers – CARTA, grafisch ontwerpers – (Eric van Casteren] Grafische Vormgeving – Claessens Product Consultants bv – Jean Cloos Art Direction bv – Concepts Design – Corps 3 op twee – Curve – D4 Industrial Design – Damen Van Ginneke – DC3 interaction design – Dedato bv designers and architects – Design ’88 – Designers Company bv – De Designpolitie – Dickhoff Design bv – Dietwee – Dijker S. Neerincx – Sanne Dijkstra Vormgeving – Dimensions/Watano – dok industrial design – dok medical design – Fokke Draaijer – DSI design services bv – Duitshof en Brandt reclamegroep – Studio Dumbar – Van Eck & Verdijk – EJOK design for industry bv – Bureau Peter Elbertse – Fabrique – Fickinger ontwerpers – First Design BV – Flex Development bv – Ferdinand Folmer – Fontis Ontwerpers – Ruud Franken – Frisse Wind – Ontwerpgroep Joris Funcke – GBO Industrial Design Office – Bureau Piet Gerards – Marjan Gerritse – Petra Gerritsen Grafisch Ontwerp – Ontwerpbureau Ghering Gijs – Global Design bv – Studio Gonnissen en Widdershoven – Grafisch Komplot – Grapha ontwerpers – Groninger Ontwerpers – den hartog_musch_ – Heijdens Karwei – De Heus & Worrell, communicatie ontwerp – Büro voor Vormgeving Marcel van der Heyden – Niko Hoebe Industriele Vormgeving – Hollands Lof ontwerpers – Hordijk grafisch ontwerp – HS Totaal – Idfix – (i-grec) – In Beeld – In Ontwerp – In petto – Indes – Donald Janssen Ontwerpers bv – Jeroen Janssen Design Company bv – J JANSEN/ONTWERP/BUREAU – Karelse & den Besten – Keja Donia bv – Kristian Kieft – [vormgeving] klingen – Studio Marise Knegtmans – Studio Paul Koeleman – Renee Koldewijn – G.J. Koopman – Kooymans D-sign bv – Kris Kras Design bv – Het Lab – LABORATORIVM – Landmark Design & Technology – Menno Landstra – LasseroyDesign – De Zaak Launspach – Lauria Grafisch Ontwerp – Studio Hans Lemmens – Studio Andre van Lier – Lijn 5 ontwerpers – Limage Dangereuse Rotterdam – Linea – Franka van der Loo – Looije Vormgevers – LS Ontwerpers – Paul Maas & Eric van Rootselaar – Made by Matrix, Consult & Design – Manifesta – Arnold Merckx Design – Millford-Van den Berg Corporate Design – Millford-Van den Berg Packaging Design – Mlinar Design SMuskadelic bv SNAP. – Nederlands Ontwerp bv – Neonis – Frans Nies Grafisch Ontwerpers – Noordwest 12 – nlplk industrial design bv – Okapi ontwerpers – Studio Olykan bv – ONTWERPEN – Ontwerpforum – Ontwerpwerk – OPERA Ontwerpers – Opus grafisch ontwerp – Ottevanger en van de Kuinder – Willemien den Oudsten Graphic Design – Joost Overbeek – Aly Pepping – Plan: information design – Jeske van der Poel – Proforma/3po. cdm – QuA Associates bv – Raster – Martin Roedolf – Jan Roest – Henk de Roij – Studio Roozen – Van Rosmalen & Schenk oScherphuis – Schoep S. Van der Toorn – AlexScholing – SDC Totaal Communicatie – Shape, grafische en ruimtelijke vormgeving – Sirene – Ontwerpburo Skylla – Ronald Slabbers – Peter Slager – sodesign bv – SPARK design engineering – Springvorm Stadium Design bv – Stang – Studio Stekhoven – Stempels & Oster – StormHand Studio 124 Design bv – SVT Creative Consultants – SYB- grafisch ontwerp – Tappan – Technotek bv/Multin Design & Development bv – Tel Design – TNO Industrie – Tookyo – Topvorm – ontwerp en reclame – Total Design – Ontwerpstudio Kees Uittenhout – UNA – Urban Perception Vanderburg – Van der VEER DESIGNERS – Anita Verheij – Ontwerpburo Rob Vermeulen – Lucie Vijverberg Vormgeving/Art Direction – Buro Vingerhoets – VisualSpace – Volta – Maggy Voorsluys Gomez – Vorm Vijf Ontwerpteam – Vormgevers Arnhem – Vormgeversassociatie – Vormgeversmaatschap Harsta, Crouwel – Vulkers Vormgeving – WAAC’s – Mart. Warmerdam – WDS.P – WeLL Industrial Design – WeLL Strategic Design – Bobbert van Wezel – Hans van Wezel Grafisch Ontwerper – Studio Bau Winkel – Wit Design – De Wit Passet Coppenhagen – Studio Eric Wondergem – Works – wrikc.v. – Ziggurat design bv

gar116 LIVRES: “Pour une Histoire de la Photographie en Belgique”

Répertoire des photographes en Belgique depuis 1839 – essais critiques – sous la direction de Georges Vercheval.

Pour une Histoire de la Photographie en Belgique, Georges Vercheval
Direction de la publication : Georges Vercheval / Musee de la Photographie a Charleroi (1993)
Introduction : Georges Vercheval
Textes : Collectif
Langue : Français – Anglais – Néerlandais
Remarque : Les textes sont traduits en Anglais et en Néerlandais à la fin de publication
Année : 1993
Pages : 471
Format : A4
Photos : noir et blanc
Assemblage : broché
Couverture : souple et à rabats
Etat : presque neuf

Cette publication est épuisée et difficilement trouvable.

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Christmas gift package with 5 Discovery / Sailing Related Art Postcards for US$ 10.00 send to your destination


Set of 5 Postcards, related to Sailing, Discovery and Art, in a personalised Christmas Packaging (see picture) and send to your desired address included for US$ 10.00. A compliment slip can be included with a text written by you.

Have the package printed with your logo and send it to your clients and/or business associates.

In the package is also an information sheet explaining the Artworks in detail.

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GAR002 “Das Endlose Rad”

Garage Sale:
Photographie in Indien
Herausgegeben von Tim Besserer und Dieter Koeve
Literarische Auswahl von Lekha Sarkar
Mit einer Einleitung von Al Imfeld
?:   Broschiert Verlag: UnionsVerlag, Zürich 1987, 168 S., Okart., Q4, ASIN: B00AGMF9DU ISBN 978-3-293-00122-0
dd:   1987 Union Verlag
i:   Flexcover – Großformat – 24,0 x 27,0 cm – – 168 Seiten – künstlerische Fotografie in Indien – Menschen – Alltagssituationen – Leben – Kulturstudien
neu: in original Verpackung
€:   12,50
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»Der Kulturdialog beginnt dort, wo es nicht um Aufholen und Entwickeln, sondern um Verstehen und Mitreden, Mithören und Mitsehen geht. Photographien können eine Hilfe auf dem Weg zur Begegnung sein.« Al Imfeld

GAR001 Mella Jaarsma portfolio catalogue 1994

Garage Sale:
small portfolio catalogue (29 pages) with bio (3pages)
?:   no isbn, printed with support of the Dutch Embassy in Jakarta. Edition 500
dd: 1994 21x25cm. 32 pages, semisoft cover, 2nd hand but in good condition
€:   25,00
$:   equivalent
@:   the costs of sending depend on way of transport and destination. You pay what is on the package, not more