Eldad Maestro from Fields, n.d.
Photo-etching, signed, 20 x 20 cm, NLG550

First opened in Antwerp in 1991 and later based in The Hague, GALERIE 24 was a well-established showcase for an impressive range of photography styles and themes from Europe and throughout the world. The gallery served as the meeting place for the members of CIRCLE 24, a network of (roughly twenty-four!) internationally known photographers. It provided these artists with both a visual forum and a place to exchange ideas.

GALERIE 24 aimed to present new ideas and contemporary trends in photography by presenting regular exhibitions from not only Circle members but also promising new talent worldwide. Exhibitions alternated every six weeks. To illustrate the wide diversity of our programme, the last year has seen: manipulated photography from Sacha Koulitchov (Russia); mixed media works by Vinod Dave of the renowned Baroda School; the celebrated ‘Goddesses’ of Taffi Rosen (Canada); meditative ‘Icons for the Mind’ by Kicki Rosenlof (Sweden) and most recently, manipulated triptychs of the Zen Gardens by Eldad Maestro (Israel). Plans for exhibitions to come included South American nature photography, Japanese studio photography, Indian/US digital imaging and some exciting new Dutch talent.

GALERIE 24 had a distinct advantage above other European galleries due to their contact with photographers and art institutions throughout the world. This allowed access to valuable archives in India, Japan and China to name a few. GALERIE 24, therefore, boasted a wide and unique selection of contemporary and vintage photographs available for sale and hire. In addition, the gallery had a well-stocked bookshop with catalogues, postcards and collectable items. The reading table offered an exclusive range of art photography magazines from across the globe.


CIRCLE 24 was a network of internationally renowned photographers from all over the world. They were artists from widely varying disciplines who all work with photography in a professional way. They have come together as a result of their mutual interest in photography as an art form and international communication medium.

CIRCLE 24 began in l991 as an initiative of Robert Schilder, a professional photographer for over 25 years. His aim was to establish a worldwide exchange of information about new ideas and contemporary trends in photography. From our centre, in The Hague, we organised collaborative projects with photographers throughout the world, hold seminars, masterclass workshops and readings. Since 1991, Robert and the Circle have put together a comprehensive summary of Indian photography spanning 130 years “Another Way of Seeing” and introduced this to Museums in Europe. The Circle has presented l5 international exhibitions in Belgium and The Netherlands and we have also exchanged exhibitions with major venues worldwide.


“We are convinced that the key to our future lies in understanding how other cultures communicate”, says Robert Schilder.

CIRCLE 24 served as a vital source of motivation to the international photographer and promoted valuable cultural exchange within the profession. We believe this process is very refreshing and revealing. Seeing how photographers from other countries and cultures operate is not only interesting
for the observer, it also teaches the professional photographer, who must appeal to international markets, more about his or her own visual imagery.

An important part of our exchanges is international exhibitions. After presenting Circle 24 works in the gallery in The Hague, we endeavour to introduce these artists at major museums and discerning galleries worldwide. Our opening show, Circle 24’s group exhibition ‘Photography for Sale’ was received with great acclaim and interest, not only in The Netherlands but as far afield as New York and Scandinavia. As a result, it has been accepted for exhibiting in Tokyo’s Kodak Photo Salon, the National Museum of Photography, Denmark, Stockholm’s House of Culture and galleries in
Israel and Scotland.

Circle 24 aims to strengthen and broaden it’s international contacts and advance intercultural exchange between artists.