pfs0100 BARCELONA -Parc de l’Espanya Industrial

BARCELONA Parc de l’Espanya Industrial, next to Station Barcelona Sants.
Carrer de Muntadas, 1, 08014 Barcelona, Spanje
BARCELONA Parc de l'Espanya Industrial, next to Station Barcelona Sants
“This is an example of the land reclamation started in Barcelona in the 1980s to recover land occupied by services and industries that were either defunct or had moved to other sites in the Barcelona Metropolitan Area.
The old industrial complex the park is named after was a textile factory founded by the Muntadas family in 1847 that became Spain’s first cotton company: La España Industrial, Sociedad Anónima Fabril y Mercantil.
Located at that time in the town of Sants, the factory was popularly known as Vapor Nou (New Steam), in contrast to the name of the other big textile industry there: Vapor Vell (Old Steam). It was always one of the most modern textile factories, dedicated to spinning, weaving and dyeing cotton. In 1880 it employed 2,500 people but in 1969 it closed and the land was sold.
Then, in 1985, in response to demands from local residents, the site was allocated for building houses and today’s park. A large sports centre (also known as Espanya Industrial) was built there for the 1992 Olympic Games and held the weightlifting competitions. It has since become one of the main sports facilities in the Sants-Montjuïc district.” (text invited to share)