pfs1354 SPAIN: Cáceres

Cáceres is a city in western Spain’s Extremadura region. Founded by the ancient Romans, it retains widespread evidence of subsequent occupation by many different cultures. Its old town, Ciudad Monumental, has a mix of Gothic and Renaissance architecture, with cobbled medieval streets, fortified houses and palaces. Encircled by 12th-century Moorish walls, it also has around 30 towers, some occupied by nesting storks

Cáceres, Arco de la Estrella
Arco de la Estrella
An entrance to the monumental city of Cáceres, baroque in style, it was built by Manuel Lara de Churriguera in the 18th century on top of the ruins of another doorway where Catholic Monarch, Queen Isabel of Castile, swore to defend the town charter.
Its outstanding feature lies in the slanting shape of the archway, which back then allowed carriages through and to turn around. But before entering the old part of the city, it is worth having a last look at the arch. The top houses the shrine of the Virgen de la Estrella (Our Lady of the Star), a small chapel. The bishop of the time claimed jurisdiction and was opposed to its construction. He obviously did not get his way.

medieval roman catholic cross from Spain

Aljibe andalusí
Cáceres Museum: the Islamic cistern, dated between the 10th and 12th centuries.

Cáceres Museum, neolithic stone
Cáceres Museum: neolithic stone

pfs0001 CONCEPT “För er skull”

Concept photography architecture, (Grande Arche, la Défence, Paris)

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concept photography architecture la Défence Grande Arche Paris France

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För er skull (translated: “For your sake”)

pfs1432 USA ‘fall out shelter’ sign

‘fall out shelter’ sign on a neo-classical government building in the USA
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'fall out shelter' sign on a neo-classical government building in the USA
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pfs1303 BELGIUM -Ostend Casino

The famous Casino on the seaside in Ostend

The famous Casino on the seaside in Ostend
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“Eerst is er de gebeurtenis, op een bepaalde plaats en op een bepaalde tijd.
Die gebeurtenis kan klein zijn of juist van groot belang, maar voegt altijd iets toe aan de lokatie.
En op een bepaalde manier krijgen deze gebeurtenissen iets gemeenschappelijks.
Sommige bewaren een geheim wat, na verloop van tijd, tot een symbool wordt
En als alles voorbij is blijft alleen de plaats achter
Wat ik nu wil is deze verborgen betekenis zichtbaar maken… “

Robert Schilder