1093 BANARAS: interview Om Prakash Sharma

“Not so long ago, worshipping the elements was a daily routine, People were living according to nature and the priests were not only administrating but were also experimenting with nature, This gave a practical meaning to temple life. Every morning Hindu people have their duty to do puja, and they offer water to the rising of the sun.
The yoga that we know now, has come from ‘byayan’. In the old days it was related to religion, now only the positions have remained. Saffran clothes have also the colour of the rising sun.

All festivals were celebrated according to the seasons. If the season changed, people would start to prepare a different kind of food. When, for instance, wood-apple leaf and fruits were offered to Shiva, it was only accepted up to a certain time and after that, the food would become poisonous. People were also worshipping the trees because they got coolness from them and fresh air, this was only done in the morning because then the tree gives oxygen and thy were aware of these things. Like the neem-tree was supposed to cure diseases and give protection against small-pox.

Now, man is in control of the machine, or at least he thinks so. We totally depend on machines, if electricity fails we are disturbed. Slowly, slowly we have less time and are becoming ‘anti’ from this feeling of nature. Still everything cannot be washed away, maybe in a different way or with a different name, but old values will remain. Good scholars will come and they will start to research again.

In the festivals the text is very important, without it we cannot celebrate. There are two types, one is related to the ‘sastras’ or holy books, the other is oral transmission. Family traditions say which God will be worshipped and in what way. Like on the occasion of Durga festival, you will see big lines
of people and this causes that they will throw their offerings, flowers and coconuts to the idol. But it will be accepted and the pilgrims will be happy and that means their life is o.k. With the grace of some God their family is growing. They who worship Durga will not go to a Vishnu temple. Pilgrims have only one aim and they will see only that.”

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